How to Browse the Internet Safely


In the Global village that we inhabit today, internet access is the key to connection, strength, growth, and success. The internet access has jumped from the status of being a luxury to a necessity in just the span of a couple years. Today, you can’t find even a single person who does not use the internet on daily basis; either for work or just for amusement and killing time.

The exponential increase in the use of the internet has also elevated the number of people who want to break into other users’ privacy and bring havoc. Though the world does have policies dedicated to ensuring the safety of the personal existence of anyone and everyone present on the internet, the safeguard techniques have never stopped hackers from doing the work that they are known for- hacking. Because a large number of people use the internet, the concern of safety becomes more. To keep your privacy secure sign up for Optimum Packages.

Due to multiple hacking attacks and the loss of many dollars, now only subscribing to an Internet service is not enough; knowing how to use it safely is a greater concern. To help you safeguard yourself from the hands of the hackers and reach of the other online threats we have compiled a few solid tips in this post that might be of help. It is highly recommended that you make haste to apply these tips during future online sessions to stay secure;

Browser Story

It all starts with the browser you use to access the internet. You must be shocked at how powerful today’s browsers have become. Browsers are now equipped with the advanced technology that checks anything before downloading to stop malware from entering your machine. Not just this, these efficient browsers also check for the reputation of any website you head towards. If the status is good, it opens the website for you else it notifies you about the status placing the final decision in your hands.

In appearance, every browser looks the same but going down a few layers expose that the tech that is used is always different. The tech used at the backend is what either makes a browser perfect for use or breaks its image for forever. Many studies have been done regarding the safe browsers. You can read of one those studies before deciding which browser to use.

Reshape Your Browser

Browsers come with multiple options to make your security even more strong than it ever was. You might think that settings for any browser are fixed, but the truth is that you can reshape the browser you use in your own way. It not only gives you an extra solid covering from the hacking attacks but makes the use of browser easy for you as well.

Here is how you do it;

  • Open the settings tab in your browser.
  • Look for the autofill option to turn it off. It is the feature that fills the forms on every website on your behalf. Turning it off would save you from distributing your precious information everywhere without you even knowing.
  • Look for the option of block pop-up windows and turn it on. It does not only block the extra pop-ups that open on your laptop screen when surfing, but it also saves you from falling into any dangerous trap.
  • Look for the options of cookies. Turning it off can decrease the risk of you falling prey to any attacker but at the same time, it would reduce the surfing pleasure. So, turning it off or leaving it on is an option totally in your hands.

Strong Password, Safe Existence

The email account is what everyone holds these days and its safety is one of the biggest concerns. One successful attack on your account and you will lose hold of all the important information. To make sure that your email account is secure from the unwanted access it is necessary that you decide the passwords carefully. Making a strong password is not as easy as it sounds. There is always a loophole that escapes the human eye.

What you can do is download a good password manager and let it make and manage the passwords for you. All you need to keep in your mind is one master password that is the key to your password manager and let it do the rest. It makes unique passwords on its own for each website that demands you to fill form using the basic information you feed about yourself in the beginning.

Refrain from Clicking

The favorite way of hackers to get inside the systems of the people is through the links that carry malware and viruses. You must be familiar with a large number of emails showing up in your junk folder with certain links in it. You would also be familiar with the pop-ups that stare at you whenever you are on any website demanding you to click. These are the links generated by the hackers in order to hurt your privacy.

No matter how old this trick is, it never stops people from falling for it. The only thing that stands between your safety and the hacker is one click. The moment you click those links your security is compromised. To keep yourself safe from the hands of the hackers you must not open any links provided in unfamiliar or unexpected emails or the links on pop-ups.

Now, you are armed with the basic information you need to keep yourself and your devices safe whenever you are using the internet. We recommend you to bring the Optimum Service home so, that your surfing goes free of loading and threats. Keep these simple tips in your mind and have a safe browsing experience.